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A Blues Session in Wisconsin

Listen as Dave Irving recommends
A Blues Session in Wisconsin on his Breakfast Show
It’s fantastic – a fascinating and really good read.
(The Breakfast Show: Hfm)
“For all its thoroughly researched erudition, the writing is focused, even entertaining, covering every waterfront.”
(Alan Clayson: R and R Magazine)

In the Summer of 1930, Charley Patton, Son House, Willie Brown and Louise Johnson drove from Mississippi to Wisconsin to make records for the Paramount race label. The session produced important contributions to America’s Blues culture, but the car journey was also a capsule of social history. The different characters, their relationships and temperaments provoked tensions that needed to be settled with bare fists as well as music.
Malcolm Noble, who hosts a weekly Blues hour on local radio, has dug deep into Delta history to discover what this important recording session says about the American South on the cusp of the depressed 1930s.  
Noble has also written A Life of Blind Willie McTell

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