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Mystery Novels

Peggy Pinch Investigates

Peggy Pinch, Policeman’s Wife

Murder in a Parish Chest

The Body in the Bicycle Shed

The Timberdick Mysteries

A Mystery of Cross Women

The Case of the Dirty Verger

Timberdick’s First Case

Liking Good Jazz

Piggy Tucker’s Poison

The Parish of Frayed Ends

The Clue of the Curate’s Cushion

The Case of the Naughty Wife

The Poisons of Goodladies Road

Take Seven Cooks (a play)

The Ned Machray Memoirs

The Baker Street Protectors

Inspector ‘Likely’ Storey

Likely Plays a Joker

Likely in the Cathouse

The Case of the Headmaster’s Daughter