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November 2022

Sherlockians and Christmas

This year’s Christmas novelty has been posted to collectors on the mailing list, and Christine and I have had great fun reading though the feedback. You are a creative lot!

Without giving too much away, it had a Sherlockian flavour with just a hint of Market Harborough specifics, prompting one reader to ask if I am compiling a special Sherlock Holmes folder for my bibliography. Well, not intentionally.

However, I do admit to two other items that might be included in any such folder.

My mystery novel The Baker Street Protectors had an obvious Holmes connection. Indeed, one chapter offers directions to a Sherlock Holmes (unmarked) grave. Feedback suggests that two, maybe three, readers have gone as far as retracing Ned Machray’s steps in search of the Great Detective’s resting place. Great stuff! And thanks for your involvement in my bookshelf

Here’s a page from my original notebook for the novel

Previous to that book, my alternative solution to Hound of the Baskervilles was published in the Baker Street Journal. I was chuffed and the time and the chuffitude has carried on ever since! T

This month video clip is another dug up from long ago. The production values indicate why I know longer produce videos, but I hope this introduction to the 2015 novel induces something of a chuckle!