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Doc Holliday Bio

Here it is!

Produced in a Limited Edition of 50 copies, the first printing of The Second Sandman is set to sell out before publication in December.  If you would like to reserve your copy, please get in touch as soon as you can.

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The lives of John Henry Holliday and his girlfriend, Katie Elder, show how the great sweep of 19th Century history left the vulnerable to tread their own paths in new lands.
The legend of Doc Holliday, who supported the Earp brothers at the OK Corral, tells of a hardened gunslinger but Wild West devotees have long known that this image cannot be supported by the facts. 
Only by placing Holliday’s life in a broader context of Atlantic history can we begin to get to grips with a character whose destiny tells us so much about his times.
Malcolm Noble has written mystery novels, and a series of his detective dramas has been broadcast on the radio.  Now, he sets aside his crime-writing pen to deliver a thoughtful and politically aware analysis of one of the West’s most colourful but misjudged figures.
212pp paperback 140mm 216mm £29.99