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The Horsepools

Paperback £6.99
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Doc Cover


Featuring Inspector Likely Storey

Likely in the Cat House front cover picture

Paperback £3.99

Sorry, the hardback edition of Likely in the Cat House has sold out
Likely Plays a Joker  Sorry – this one has sold out

Peggy Pinch Investigates


Peggy Pinch, Policeman’s Wife
Murder in a Parish Chest
The Body in the Bicycle Shed (and an e-book edition)

The Timberdick Mysteries

Timberdick First Case

A Mystery of Cross Women (and an e-book edition)
(Sorry, the pb of  A Mystery of Cross Women has sold out)
The Case of the Dirty Verger
Timberdick’s First Case
Liking Good Jazz
Piggy Tucker’s Poison
The Parish of Frayed Ends
The Clue of the Curate’s Cushion
The Case of the Naughty Wife
The Poisons of Goodladies Road
Take Seven Cooks (a play)
Baker Street Protectors


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The Goodladies Thriller Library

Fifty Pages of Murder, Five Times a Year
(published at The Bookcabin Press)

front cover

#1 Bullet for a Preacher
#2 The Death of Sadie Roper
#3 Timberick and the Great Dockyard Spy Scandal of 1908
#4 Lizzie Waldron’s Day Return (a play)
Lizzie Waldron’s Day Return, Souvenir Edition 


The Raden Girl
This England in Raymond Chandler (and an e-book edition)
The Quarterdeck Question: Fiction’s Favourite Spymaster Revealed
(And finally ….. I’m sorry the Collectors Coffee Mug is now out of stock!)